Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thrifting Tips: Do's and Don'ts

DO try on items even if it's not your normal size! I can't stress this enough! I have clothes two size too big and two sizes too large. Some size smalls are made really over sized and some XL are made really form fitting. Picture this: There is a really cute dress that catches your eye, and everything about it is a go. You're about to walk into the dressing room to try and on and you notice an "S" on the tag. You think "I'm normally a large...this wont fit, I better put it back." THINK AGAIN! You could be putting back the greatest score ever! It (usually) doesn't hurt to try things on. Over sized dresses or tops are easily remedied with a waist belt.

DON'T buy something that does not fit in a flattering way (too small or tight), just because you like the brand or style. You probably wont feel comfortable in it, and wont get much wear, if any out of it.The money would be better spent elsewhere, unless you want to give it to a friend. :)

DON'T put something back just because the season you would wear it in is a long way off. It'll eventually be hot or cold enough for it (sometimes unexpectedly!) and you will be happy you picked it up ;).

DO buy something cute even if there are only "3 official weeks" left of of the season. You can always layer!

Name Brands:
DON'T buy something JUST because it's a high end name brand. If it's peeling, or really faded, it's not worth it.

DO buy something if it's a low end brand, and it's really cute. Who cares if it's from Wal Mart? If you have the choice between a like-new cute Wal Mart blouse, and a ripped and faded Old Navy top-- Go for it! No one is going to be checking your tags, and it will look so much better on you, and will get a much more wear out of it...No one will know where it's from anyway! It's better to have a chic outfit for cheap, than a cheap looking shirt with a chic label. Now let's get out there and find some awesome deals!

What are some of your thrifting tips and tricks?

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