Sunday, April 28, 2013

Easy DIY Wall Art: Dot Trees

I was inspired by a painting I saw at World Market the other day. While I do love to create all my own original art work, when it comes to home decor I find it fun to try to re-create some of the ideas I see, for 1/10th of the price!! These types of paintings are usually mass produced and pop up at all the home decor stores...but I definitely try to put my own spin on it. They don't have to hand made, one of a kind feel to them, because they are so mass produced. Just too many reasons not to try!

This was really just a test run. I got the craft itch while I was making my son lunch the other day, and just grabbed some left over supplies I had from the painted vase project. This took about 15 minutes to make. I painted over a canvas print I got from the dollar store. I just poped it out of the frame and sponge painted the background cream. Then I mixed some colors I had to make a brownish color and painted "V-Trees" (middle school art 101 ;) and then I took a small brush and swirled to make circles.
I plan on getting a large canvas to do this again soon with a detailed tutorial...stay tuned!

*I hand painted this, but for a simplified tutorial for beginners check this out.

Do you have any art projects your working on right now? Or would like to see me re-create? Leave a comment and I just might!!


  1. You are so creative!! This is beautiful!! :)


    Music. Fashion. Love.

    1. Thank you so much Ker Leen!! I love watching your videos, and you are truly beautiful inside and out! :)