Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rose Bun : Top Knot

This is my new favorite hair style for my little girl!! We (maybe just me) were in a summer time hair rut. I couldn't think of any styles that were quick, easy and most importantly cute!

Items needed:
1. Parting and Detangling comb
2. Spray bottle with water
3. Your favorite oil
4. Rubber band
5. Bobby pins

Time needed: 30 minutes

Difficulty level: Easy/ Beginner

(directions below)

This could work for grown ups too. It's sophisticated all on it's on. If you want to make it super cute just throw on your favorite head band. The bigger the better, in my opinion!

The directions for this hairstyle are super easy. I was looking for something to do with her hair before wash day. I decided to detangle it and put it into chunky rope twists. If you are starting on already styled and moisturized hair, all you need is a little water and oil to make the hair pliable. If you are doing this style on freshly washed hair, just had your favorite moisturizing cream or butter first.

Towards the front of her hair, I made smaller sections. On the very front row near the hairline I made 1 to 2 inch boxes and split them in half. I twisted the first half into flat twists. I combined that twist with the other half and made a rope twist. After all the twists were in I simply pulled them up into a pony tail, which looked cute itself, but then I decided to wind the twists around the ponytail in the same direction (ex. clockwise or counter clockwise) bobby pinning 4-5 times.

Super simple and cute! I would consider this a protective style, and it's definitely our new go to style!

Hope that's simple enough! If you need further directions let me know!

Here are some helpful links:
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